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Outfit of the Month + ’16 resolution

I haven’t done an outfit of the day for a while because to be honest I haven’t felt comfortable showing a picture that hasn’t been edited and lit properly. Add to that the lack of make up and no wig…. it’s been a no go.

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Buyer beware!!

This is an uber short one (especially for me)

We all love to get a bargain and I know I’m not the only one who uses the app for android “Wish”.

I’ve got some amazing deals on there and for the most part they check out and if they don’t then the stuff was cheap enough not to be bothered about.

I love buying beauty products online too; brushes, eye shadow pallets, lipsticks, lip stains….everything and like I said for the most part it all checks out.

Well after five and a half weeks of waiting, my highly anticipated MAC eyeliner arrived, in black of course.

Now, there’s always a risk…. You buy something online from an app like wish or eBay and it could be anything… This is one of those times.  I sent off some pictures and a description to my girlfriend..  “it’s fake or old” next thing, it’s a twist liner not an actual pencil – “it’s fake”.


Oh look..... The name rubbed off

So now I’m left with a pencil I darent use because I don’t know what’s in it…. It’s easy enough to find a list of stuff that’s in MAC eyeliner…. I don’t know wtf this one actually is.

When I can (there’s a time scale on Wish) I will be sending a strongly worded complaint (while sipping on a cup of tea….. I’m British God Damn It!) Because it was sold as an authentic MAC product with great reviews on the store (182 positive. 24 negative and 19 neutral – at my last look) which is why I got it from that store.

No more buying “authentic” high end products off wish….. I’ll stick to buying them in store.

You REALLY get what you pay for…..

I Miss….

I had this weird ass dream last night and its taken me a little while…. But I understand it now.

I was sat in a kitchen and you walked in. I wasn’t surprised or angry, I just sat there and we talked about the good times and I told you I missed you. You just nodded and didn’t say much. Then you left.

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New year, New start…. But is it?

I’m slightly drunk, I’m tearful and I have thousands of thoughts running through my head…. It’s 01.36 on Jan 1st and the only way I’m gonna sleep is to blog and get it out of my head (or at least just a few thoughts…)

It may be a new year but is it really a whole new start…. At least yet? How can it be a new start when we’re still being bombarded from all sides with enough shit (figuratively) to keep a field nicely covered?

On Wednesday we found out my Gran has lung cancer. She’s 80 and smokes 30-40 a day, she has no intention of stopping as she says “the damage is done.” I can see her point but considering she’s not having chemo, only radiotherapy which is less invasive, stopping her habbit would at least prolong her time on this earth and would definitely help with her current 40% lung capacity and 72% blood oxygen level (I believe normal levels are between 93-97%). 

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