[Review] Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Colour

Haven’t done one of these in a long while and there’s no time like the present; especially when it just arrived today.


So today I’m reviewing Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Colour in shade Sweet Orange.

The first thing I notice is that it smells amazing; actually like orange but it isn’t over powering at all.

Putting it on…. Is another story. It’s really sticky and thick. It’s ridiculously hard to get it to go on evenly and where you want it.  I do need to try it with a lip brush next time.


As you can see it doesn’t stay where I want it.  It feels really tacky and closing your mouth before it’s dried is a complete no go as your lips stick together. 

On the plus side it dries pretty fast and doesn’t feel “tight” at all.

Onto the fun stuff….. You now peel it off and it will leave you with a long lasting lip stain.  Peeling it off is so weird!  It feels…. Wrong and uncomfortable to do it.  The colour that’s left though, is pretty nice.  It’s subtle and simple, the scent is gone once you peel it off (which will be good for summer, don’t want citrus smelling lips when there’s gonnabe a lot of bugs about). 


As you can see, however…. It’s not very even and this is partly user error (first time using this kinda stuff) and partly the fault of the product.  Due to it being so thick and sticky, spreading it evenly on your lips is a bit of a battle.  The other issue I’ve found is tidying it up…. I used a q-tip and facial cleanser (usual stuff I use to get rid of my make up) and its done nothing.

Final verdict…. Eh… I’m not sure.

I like the fact the stain is simple and subtle.  I like the shade. 

I don’t like how thick and gloopy it is and how awkward it is to get it on. It’s just a bit of a faff. 

I don’t think it’s THAT long lasting either.  I’ve had it on an hour, been having hot and cold drink and its wearing off in places that the cleanser didn’t even do anything to.

I got this item off of the android “Wish” app. I believe it cost me only £3 total.  For that price I can understand its not the greatest but I was expecting a little more wear from it.  As it stands it’ll end up in my lipstick box….at the bottom….. And will be forgotten.

Can we have a moment of silence for all forgotten make up?

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