Outfit of the Month + ’16 resolution

I haven’t done an outfit of the day for a while because to be honest I haven’t felt comfortable showing a picture that hasn’t been edited and lit properly. Add to that the lack of make up and no wig…. it’s been a no go.

But this year… 2016, I have decided I am going to love myself.  It’ll be baby steps and I know I’m gonna have days where I hate myself; either all of me or just certain areas… but I’m gonna get through it and in the process I hope I can help others love themselves.


This is my outfit from Friday. Jeans and jacket are from eBay. Top is from my mum’s wardrobe and vans are from download festival a fair few years ago.

Note; these jeans are simply amazing. They’re like a cross between jeggings and jeans and they’re super soft and stretchy.

My hair needs badly re doing (that’ll be dealt with at some point this week I hope) and I am a pear shape now (used to be hourglass). I think it’s that change in shape – not necessarily size – that’s thrown me for a loop.

I’ve dressed for I’ve specific shape for so long that dressing for a different shape is daunting…. it’s scary!  It’s sort of like a fashion minefield because stuff that I could carry off three years ago are a complete no go for my new shape.  They tend to accentuate my figure in the total wrong way and leaves me feeling very distressed and yes…. depressed.

But….. I took this picture (all hail the self timer and a box with a slit in to hold my phone) and I looked at it and just though “ya know …I like this. I look good.”

It has been such a long time since I thought that if myself.  Even when I was a size 10 I never had this confidence.  Now I’m a size 24/26…. it’s the largest I’ve ever been and I have more confidence than ever. 

I’ve grown to love the problematic areas of my body…. my tummy is like a squishy marshmallow, my boobs are squishy too, not as soft as a marshmallow though (lol) and that’s another thing…. my general bra size was a 36D….. I’m now a 40F/G …. hellooooo ladies!! When I wear a corset I could easily carry a pint of beer!

Moving on…. my thighs. I’ve called them thunder and lightening….and yes they touch; I’m a step closer to being a mermaid!

My ass is a little flat and sadly with my back and knees, squats are out of the question. 

The only thing I really have to learn to live is my double chin.  It’s nothing major, but it’s definitely there.

But I vow to love myself.  And I really really hope that more people follow suit.  You should all love yourself.  There’s no reason not to, honestly. 

I know that everyone reading this right now is beautiful, handsome, pretty, cute and all the other good stuff.  Whether you’re male, female, femme, non binary, trans, intersex EVERYONE OF YOU IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND YOU SHOULD LOVE YOURSELF.

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