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My ED Struggle (E.D. Awareness week)

Never a truer word has been said than “you can’t tell if someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them.”  I am 21st and 6ft tall.  I have had an eating disorder since I was roughly 9 (yes, I said 9) when it was drummed into my already tiny frame by my equals and peers that I was overweight, I was getting pudgy, my thighs were fat and euuwww I had stretch marks too!!  (Heaven forbid…)

I was at my first primary school and I was in year 5.  I had started developing hips early but my breasts didn’t sprout till a few years later, because my hips had widened my thighs and stomach had got a little bigger.  To me at the time, this didn’t bother me,  I didn’t see the issue until the boys started to point it out to me and made it an issue. 

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Announcement & Sensory Issues

So I’ve been teasing for a day or so about a big announcement and I’ve had a lot of questions so instead of waiting until the end of the week like I was gonna do… I’ll announce it today.

But first….. (HA) I’ve often said a fair amount about some sensory issues I have.  They’re ridiculously hard to put into words, but for you guys I’ll make an exception.

There are certain foods I cannot stand to eat; not because I don’t like the taste but because I can’t deal with their texture.  Bananas, cherries, strawberries, pears, watermelon.  Can’t do them.  Their textures drive me nuts and make me want to rip off my skin completely.  They make me feel physically ill to the point of dry wretching.  Other foods include tomatoes, cucumber, carrots (unless they’re really finely chopped/shredded), certain types of onion, mushrooms (*shudders*), peppers depend on how I feel on that day and again how finely chopped they are.

I can’t do stuff like apple crumble and custard.  I love the crumble and custard but the mushy apple are just fucking disgusting.

It’s not just food either.  Sounds can set me off – lip smacking, teeth sucking, if you make a loud noise when you yawn it sets me on edge all day.  I can’t touch velour or nylon/polyesther clothing.  I cannot ever stand the feel of tights rubbing together,  I hate wearing tights unless they’re wool tights.  I much prefer leggings.

Smells can make me wretch too; cooking venison, ostrich (yes in my town we have a van that cooks ostrich burgers.  I tried one once and I’m completely indifferent to them, however I hate the smell).  After cooking smell.  When you’ve cooked your meal and you’ve eaten it and you go back into the kitchen after?  Yeah that…. I have to hold my breath so I don’t inhale it.

There are some days I am so flooded all I want to do is sit in bed all day.  I find a lot of relaxation listening to music up loud so I can shut out the rest of the world.

OK so you’ve either actually read this far or you’ve skipped a head for my announcement.  Its after the break…

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How do I get followers?

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely gentleman by the pen name of Serenity Crane; a steampunk author with an air of eccentricity around him.  During our conversation we got onto the subject of twitter/instagram/facebook followers and how to get more.  This has posed an interesting question for me that has been buzzing around in my brain since I met Mr Crane on Friday.


So….how do you get more followers and more interest in your business or brand…. let’s face it we are our own brand.

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