How do I get followers?

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely gentleman by the pen name of Serenity Crane; a steampunk author with an air of eccentricity around him.  During our conversation we got onto the subject of twitter/instagram/facebook followers and how to get more.  This has posed an interesting question for me that has been buzzing around in my brain since I met Mr Crane on Friday.


So….how do you get more followers and more interest in your business or brand…. let’s face it we are our own brand.

I have pondered this question and even googled the question to see what others were saying.  Now, I am going to totally dismiss the idea of BUYING followers… it’s unfair and quite frankly I don’t see the point.  When someone follows me, I want them to be following me for me and my content, not simply because they have been bought.

I’ll break this down and, knowing me, I’ll lose track and go off on tangeants (sp?) but surely you know this by know.

1) be yourself. This one is so easy, just be you.  What’s the point in trying to be someone else? If you’re pretending to be into something just to get followers then over time you’re gonna lose them because they’ll figure you out as a fake.  If you’re just yourself and blog or photograph or tweet about stuff that you are genuinely interested in then you’re more likely to keep your followers and gain more.

2) keep your followers engaged.  Talk to them.  Ask questions.  Run polls. Tease new content and if you’re able to do so, run a competition or two.  Make sure your followers feel appreciated.  You may not be able to thank them all individually but even a mass tweet or blog or picture aimed at all your followers old & new will go far.  Don’t treat them like dirt, don’t take them for granted… they are there to follow you because they like what you’re posting.  Be nice – it won’t kill you.

3) keep a schedule of at least some sort.  If you say you’re gonna blog daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly then damned well stick to it!  Of course life happens and sometimes gets in the way – that’s normal.  With the invention of so many blogging apps its never been easier to blog from the train or bus, maybe even sat in a cafe. Go for it.  Twitter is possibly the easiest app to use on the go its ridiculously simple to send a quick tweet.

And finally….

4) keep your content uniquely you.  You don’t have to have one specific thing to blog/tweet/instagram about.  It doesn’t need to be just one subject.  Don’t know anyone that has just one interest… if you have a specialist subject you want your content to be about then go for it!  Put in the research hours to make sure you get facts right, too. 

Note:  I’m sad to say I’ve seen some terrible “feminist” blogs with just downright incorrect so called “facts” and ideals.  If you’re gonnabe political (just as an example) in ANY WAY make sure you know the shit of which you speak, other wise (back to point 1) you will be outed as a fake and you’ll lose the quality followers and just gain idiots.

The world has enough copycats, fakes and wannabes.  Be yourself.  Your content should reflect yourself and your personality.

See…I went off on a tangeant….. but it wasn’t completely wild. xD.

What do YOU all think is important to gain new and keep current followers?

2 thoughts on “How do I get followers?

  1. Very interesting – I’ll have to think about it.
    However, the new social media give everyone the means to be visible/heard by bigger communities. So we have to think about the reasons to use it & for which aims…


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