No spoons….


It’s not often I completely run out of spoons; I run low lots of times but very rarely run out completely.

Today is one of the days when I have no spoons.  I’ve never written about what it’s like to have no spoons.

For a start I get very cold and find it ridiculously hard to stay warm.  My feet and hands are worst affected and become like ice blocks that are hard to move and get working.  

I get the shakes – not shivers but shakes and along with this I am incredibly tired. I run on caffeine most of the time because without it I end up just sleeping through the day.  If I don’t sleep and actually manage to stay awake I find it hard to concentrate on anything I’m doing. I watch random stuff on YouTube or the TV.  Something easy to watch that doesn’t require too much brain power.

I also eat…… a lot. As much food as I can get my hands on. Sweet, savoury, spicy…. everything. Co don’t know if this is just me?

Leaving the house becomes impossible because I just can’t drag myself out of bed to pull on clothes and….. Euch.

I become ratty and snappy.  I never mean anything I say but I feel terrible non the less.

All I want is hugs, good and caffeine.  Pretty simple really.

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