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No Pull Piercing – Day 6

Holy crap i didn’t realise i was up to day 6!!

So i had a blip a couple of days ago. The damned jewellery fell out in the night.  However, NO PIERCING GIVES UP ON ME! I’m the one who decides when or if it’s time to retire a piercing.

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GO FUND ME… (divorce help)

There comes a point when you have no choice but to ask for help.

Today my mum received a letter from Michael Michael’s solicitor (lawyer for my non UK friends and readers) – who happens to also be his own dad’s solicitor…. probably being paid for by him too – in it, the solicitor states Michael will openly admit to his adultery and will agree to a divorce.  However, he cannot start proceedings.  He has no grounds to divorce my mum, which means mum has to divorce him.

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5 sex related Truths – Questions by Dainty Alice

So earlier this evening I took part in Dainty Alice’s “Misfit Bloggers” truth or dare Q&A on Twitter.  It was a good giggle and it was actually very refreshing to see sex being talked about so openly and honestly.  With kind permission of Alice, I’m gonna repost the questions with my answers…. Only not restricted to 140 characters.  Prepare for a little “TMI Time”.

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No Pull Piercing Disks – Day 1&2

Something that most people with piercings have experienced is hypertrophic scarring….. And anyone who has had it will know just how much of a bitch it is to get rid of.

I was RT on twitter a while back when i posted a picture of my healing high snug – snug piercings are a bitch themselves, to heal.  The first one i had took me about two years to heal fully and the problems i had during that time… Just. Damn.

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Fibro and food intolerance

One of the things few people openly talk about in regards to fibromyalgia, is food intolerance and what it does to our systems.

Well i am gonna break that silence. Take it from here on out that it may get TMI – sorry, but this happens.

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I need a Vacation

No word of a lie.

I have mental health issues and I’m an empath. So with everything going in around here I’m at breaking point.


Two days ago I had a mini melt down and it all started because I tried to change my septum and it all fucked up and I lost the piercing. 

Cue me having a meltdown and sobbing uncontrollably against my mum.

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My Mum

I want to preface this by saying, my mum is amazing; not because I’m gonna say anything bad, simply because it’s the truth.


i love my mum

I count myself incredibly lucky.  Sure, we argue and we really get on each other’s wick at times, we get stressed and we both react to stress the same way – we get angry and we take it out on those closest to us.  For me that’s my gf and my mum who are in the direct line of fire.  For my mum… It’s simply me.

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Coconut Oil + Sex

Ok so its taken me quite a while to jump on the coconut train but now I have… I don’t think my life will ever be the same.

I think it could, in the long run, stop world wars…. Ok maybe not ….

Read on if you like, just know that its gonna get into sex stuff.

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