Coconut Oil + Sex

Ok so its taken me quite a while to jump on the coconut train but now I have… I don’t think my life will ever be the same.

I think it could, in the long run, stop world wars…. Ok maybe not ….

Read on if you like, just know that its gonna get into sex stuff.

However I will say, there isn’t much coconut oil cannot do.  Cook with it, moisturise, shave, use it in your hair, put it in your bath, melt it in an oil burner… The list goes on.

So far I’ve only used it in my hair and on my legs/underarms to shave and as a moisturising oil.

There’s one place that’s still a little bit of a mystery as to if it’s safe to use….

Can it be used as lube?

The quick answer is no.  However there are some damned good reasons why.

I’ve found different sources of info on this one and this article has the best info on the subject.

Put simply there’s no evidence scientifically to say “yes use it” but there are some very interesting points as to why you shouldn’t.   I’ll do a cut down version here but I suggest you read the full article.

* Coconut oil can clog pores – for some people this isn’t an issue but for others, it can be a major drag and in some cases need medical treatment.

* Coconut oil disrupts the vagina’s natural balance – its a great antiviral and antibacterial however it’s these two qualities (which are great for cuts, scrapes and burns) which really mess with our lady parts. Coconut oil kills off the good stuff as well as the bad; and there are bacteria we need downstairs.

* it doesn’t work well with condoms – latex ones at any rate and that let’s out some sex toys too.  Coconut oil, will degrade the latex and that means you could be opening yourself up to STI/STD or a bouncing new baby.  Not only this (which, let’s face it, is reason enough) it leaves an oily reside (duh) that our water based skin finds hard to break down and absorb – clogging pores.  Put that oily layer onto your sex toy of choice and you could be left with an infection waiting to happen because you can never truly get it all off.  There’s a post (linked in the article, originally) on reddit that goes more in depth.

The last point, I will directly quote from the article I’ve linked you too.

Coconut oil is not user-friendly.

Ever try removing coconut oil from the jar on a cold winter day? It’s not fun – and I have several bent spoons to prove it. Now imagine that whole process getting in between you and your partner. Need I say more?

So… Its great for moisturising, for cooking, for conditioning, for shaving and various other things…. However its really NOT a good personal lubricant. I would stick with KYJelly and the like if I were you.   It’s much safer.

Just because we can eat it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be inside of us that way…..

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