Fibro and food intolerance

One of the things few people openly talk about in regards to fibromyalgia, is food intolerance and what it does to our systems.

Well i am gonna break that silence. Take it from here on out that it may get TMI – sorry, but this happens.

For the last three months I’ve steadily been coming off my cocodamol – I’m now completely off them – however one of their side effects is constipation, which masks another issue that many with fibromyalgia have. IBS and sometimes a wheat/gluten intolerance; I’d actually bet that more people with FMS suffer from a wheat/gluten intolerance than admit it.

Because of the cocodamol, I had actually been suffering from what I thought was IBS for a lot longer than i thought, and just didn’t know.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been keeping a tab on when my IBS has been affecting me – if there’s a pattern then generally it’s not IBS (or so I’m told).  I was only ever having issues after eating pasta, bread, certain crisps (reconstituted) and biscuits.

Pasta and Bread take up a lot of my diet (lots of toast, sandwiches, pasta with veg/tuna/salami/etc) not to mention when I have Lasagne, curry, spaghetti bolognese (sp?), chilli… I don’t always have rice.

My mum (as much as we can annoy the shit out of each other), went into town specifically to get me some wheat/gluten free bread, some snack a jacks and pasta.

I’ve been reading up on stuff that I now have to cut down on. Battered food, bread crumbed food, naan, pita, garlic bread, certain cereals, biscuits…. The list goes on.

I have to admit that a lot of stuff I’ll just cut out because the alternatives are stupid money (my bread was £3 but that’s all good), or the biscuits/snacks have nuts in them to help bulk them/give more taste. 

I would really appreciate any suggestions for stuff (nut free and I’m in the UK) I can eat, substitutions etc. I’m very new to this but for the sake of my health I have to stick with it. 

Do you have Fibromyalgia? How do you find it best managed? I may have to do a questionnaire and get some people to answer it… Hmm.

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