No Pull Piercing Disks – Day 1&2

Something that most people with piercings have experienced is hypertrophic scarring….. And anyone who has had it will know just how much of a bitch it is to get rid of.

I was RT on twitter a while back when i posted a picture of my healing high snug – snug piercings are a bitch themselves, to heal.  The first one i had took me about two years to heal fully and the problems i had during that time… Just. Damn.

The twitter account was “No Pull Piercing” … I admit i was skeptical of their little silicone disks but after some research i decided i had nothing to lose except my piercing.

So i got myself a pack of these tiny translucent disks – six to a pack and VERY reasonably priced.


See how small?! Simply put they ease the tension from the jewellery on the piercing meaning the piercing can heal much easily.

They’re ridiculously easy to install; simply slide one onto the jewellery and put the jewellery back in. Then you clean as normal (i use the method of LITHA – leave it the hell alone – i keep it clear of “crusties” and dry blood but i generally just leave it) and within about three/four-ish weeks the piercing should be sitting pretty.


You can barely see the disk on my snug piercing. They’re incredibly comfortable and i don’t notice it at all. What i HAVE noticed is that the HS lumpy is already less irritated and im only on day two.  Is this coincidence?  Honestly i don’t know and only time will tell; but i have plenty of time. I’ll try and do updates – even if they’re short posts – on how it heals.

However the testimonies kinda speak for themselves.

If you wanna get yourself some of these disks then head over to – they ship anywhere in the world and it took all of a week for them to arrive from USA to UK.

Oh and whomever deals with their twitter is friendly and will answer any questions you have!!

One thought on “No Pull Piercing Disks – Day 1&2

  1. Thank you so much for this review. We think you’ll be very pleased with your results very soon. Also appreciated is your nice words about our customer service. I am the Owner/Developer. We’re still completely thrilled with the feedback we receive regarding NoPull Piercing Disc. I answer all emails and run our FB, Twitter, and Instagram accounts myself. If you ever have a question, you can email me at I will personally answer. Thanks again!


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