GO FUND ME… (divorce help)

There comes a point when you have no choice but to ask for help.

Today my mum received a letter from Michael Michael’s solicitor (lawyer for my non UK friends and readers) – who happens to also be his own dad’s solicitor…. probably being paid for by him too – in it, the solicitor states Michael will openly admit to his adultery and will agree to a divorce.  However, he cannot start proceedings.  He has no grounds to divorce my mum, which means mum has to divorce him.

He also states he wants his belongings – which he said to us he had no interest in, so I can only assume he’s doing this to be a dick – but he won’t supply a list.  He wants to come round and just pick out what he wants.  No.

So… on the divorce.  Mum has every ground to divorce Michael.  However what she doesn’t have is the funds.  The CAB (citizens advice bureau) have said the average “easy” divorce costs about £2000.  We’ve seen a couple of solicitors and only one would take legal aid; there’s no remaining proof of what what he did did to her through the marriage – there’s no actual physical proof of his physical abuse. This in one respect is fantastic news while in others not so much because now mum cannot get legal aid.

Half joking earlier mum asked if it was possible to set up a “Fund my Divorce” page.  I went into action and have set up a Go Fund Me page.

I work damn fast.

The link you will need is www.gofundme.com/GFMdivorce  we’re only asking for the £2000.  Seeing it written down, it looks so small yet so huge.  I guess to different people it will look different.

Some will wonder how we will ever reach it while others will wonder why we can’t reach it ourselves.

For anyone wondering; mum survives on low level income support & careers allowance.  I survive on PIP and ESA. We barely make enough between us to keep our fridge stocked.  One freezer is completely empty; so how we’re supposed to afford a divorce (because yes, if I can help I will) I don’t know – but Michael DOES know this and isn’t offering to pay anyway.   Though….. he’s spent all of his whore’s money so they don’t have thousands anymore (especially since the Harley, its dressings, matching leathers, helmets, new matching phones, curved screen TV…. the list goes on) I’m not surprised – he’s still better off monetary wise than we are.

So here I am, on behalf of my mum, asking for your help and kindness.  The stress in this household is far beyond anything I have ever known and will only get worse in time due to everything else.  Mum just wants this divorce to be done, over and behind her so she can move on with her life and not have to deal with him any more.

Thank you for even reading this far.  If all you can do is pass the link around on your own blog, or on Facebook or twitter or whatever…. that’s a huge help and I thank you again.  ANY help we receive is very greatly appreciated.

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