No Pull Piercing – Day 6

Holy crap i didn’t realise i was up to day 6!!

So i had a blip a couple of days ago. The damned jewellery fell out in the night.  However, NO PIERCING GIVES UP ON ME! I’m the one who decides when or if it’s time to retire a piercing.

I got the little bugger back in! Took a little to do it, but i did. It was sore Tuesday night after i had got it back in but yesterday and today has been fab; very little pain or irritation.

And yes, of course, i still have my no pull piercing disk on the bar.


The hypertrophic scarring is going down; its a tad swollen but that’s to be expected after being unceremoniously shoved hack in.

I’ve kept it clean with tea tree oil as i have nothing else and I’ll be totally honest i cannot be a*sed to mix up some SSS.  Other than the TTO I’ve been using the LITHA method to help it heal and it hasn’t been complaining.

I really am in awe of how quickly these little disks work.  OH – they’re autoclave safe and the website does wholesale!!

They’re on twitter @NoPull_Piercing go say hello!!

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