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TMI – FMS things no-one talks about

I’ve actually been wanting to do this blog for a while and I’ve never really been able to put into words what it’s like.

After today I think I have the descriptions down. And yes….. this will get VERY VERY TMI.

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No Pull Piercing – update


Im sorry it’s not a better pic.

I think its over two weeks now. 

I still have a little hypertrophic scarring but considering i unceremoniously shoved the bar back in after it fell out in my sleep, I’m not surprised.

Much less painful, the scarring IS going down and as you can see, much less noticeable. 

Just in case you don’t know, now do custom disks up to a 00ga so there’s no excuse to have to put up with H.S.

These disks work. It isn’t an over night type thing, however i did notice significant changes within only a week.  They’re affordable and completely safe yo autoclave as they’re silicone.

Week away + eventful day

Sooooo i spent the last few days with my lovely lady Vicky, we had a really relaxed time. Lots of laughs and gaming with Minecraft pocket edition. Movies. YouTube. Snuggles. Perfect. We even peopled on Tuesday so i rewarded us with McDonald’s.

I got home on Friday; the journey, although seated, was hot and sticky and Euch. 

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