I’m so f-kn done (family rant)

I’ll put a trigger warning of anxiety, stress and specifically family stress/anger/upset and everything will be after the break.

Soooo if you read my earlier blog from today you’ll know what happened yesterday.

More shit has happened. So much more.

Kath decided to discharge herself from hospital (wtf?!) and went straight to gran’s.

We had spent the morning talking to gran to make her understand that Kath CANNOT stay with her; gran has to look after herself.

That was….. Until Kath got there and then it was all about Kath.  A MASSIVE argument ensued. Lots of things were said but nothing that i regret.

The easiest way to do this is to type the conversation…. (Tumblr style!)

Kath: i don’t want to die!
Me: so why keep discharging yourself?
K: because im better!
M: bullshit and you know it.
K: the doctor said i could go.
M: not what they told us when we called and we already know you’ll lie to get yourself out of trouble.
K: no I don’t!
M: oh look, another.

Something was said and i cannot remember exactly what she said but i replied …

M: I’ll land you on your ass in the middle of next week.
K: I’d land you!!

Mum said something as i walked towards Kath cuz fuck i was ready to throat punch the bitch.  I left for the first time with a parting shot of “i should have let you die!” (Last year she had a fit, D and I saved her, called an ambulance etc etc. Did everything right……..)

NOT ONCE did my gran stick up for me. Not…. fucking…. Once.  She told both me and mum to shut up “what about the neighbours?”

Like i give a shit!?

Gran has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that she would rather keep Kath as a friend than me and mum….her blood.

Poor D was there trying to calm me down.  Mum is completely done with Gran and Kath. So am I.  I know they say blood is thicker than water…. It doesn’t always count for shit though.  Sometimes it just means absolutely nothing.

Some people wonder how i can be so close to a break down.     Is it any wonder!?

Kath won. She got everything she ever wanted. Gran all to herself. I hope they’re very fucking happy.

I should have hit Kath.

Oh the most annoying part is…. Scooby is buried in Gran’s back garden. I want his gravestones back because now that’s just where his body was. Not his spirit. That’s with me. Always.

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