Week away + eventful day

Sooooo i spent the last few days with my lovely lady Vicky, we had a really relaxed time. Lots of laughs and gaming with Minecraft pocket edition. Movies. YouTube. Snuggles. Perfect. We even peopled on Tuesday so i rewarded us with McDonald’s.

I got home on Friday; the journey, although seated, was hot and sticky and Euch. 

Saturday (yesterday) was….. Eventful. Started with a panic full speed trot round to gran’s because she wasn’t answering her phone (mobile or home phone). 

She was fine. Asleep at 12.20pm. *face/palm*.

In the mean time i texted a friend (D) to tell her we’d found her extension cable. Gran’s “BFF” Kath arrived because she “was a little worried too”….. Took her sweet time getting there though.

D came over to get the cable and popped her head in the back door to say hello. She didn’t even get a chance to say anything before gran was basically down her throat saying D’s son hadn’t done a decent enough job of her garden etc etc.  Then Kath joins in and claims she wants her grass doing next week but had previously told D’s son she didn’t want it doing.

D (bless her heart) left and i don’t blame her, however Kath didn’t shut her fucking mouth (there’s no love lost between D and Kath but D always tries to keep the peace for gran’s sake) and started calling out D’s son and then accused D of not having a brain cell.

I applaud D. She stood up for her kids and herself and told Kath exactly what she thought of her. *Applauds more*.

I don’t care who you are, you do not call out someone else’s kids.  You can call out your own kids cuz….. They’re your kids.

I threatened Kath with landing her in to the middle of next week if she ever did it again.  D is obviously very upset and i really don’t blame her.

Gran did not a thing to stick up for D.

I’m not gonna apologise to Kath for what i said. I’m not having her shit. She’s making everything about her AGAIN.

Later in the afternoon Roxie and Shaun were helping me pack my shit up for storage and D calls to say there’s an ambulance outside my gran’s.

Red alert! Move it!

I think mum levitated off the chair. I grabbed bags and we high tailed it back round (all of us).  Luckily gran is fine, she hadn’t done anything…… However Kath had slipped off a small step (maybe an inch high?) and hit her head as she landed causing a massive fit.  So she is in hospital and i imagine tests ahoy to deal with it because she keeps (allegedly) having black outs and dizzy spells and …. Euch.

Yeah, i think a lot of whats going on with Kath is actually in her head and she’s making shit up. She’s already told me that if she thinks she’s gonna get into trouble she’ll tell “little white lies” so she doesn’t.  She wants attention so she tells everyone whats going on with gran – like it’s everyone’s business (even financial stuff! Wtf!?).

Gran never seems happy unless she has something to fret about; and then she drives us to freaking distraction with whatever she’s fretting about.

Kinda wanna climb to a roof top and just scream.

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