An update on ME.

So a couple of days ago i updated on gran and whats going on with her.  Well i doubt im gonna see her much now due to the way she’s acting so until further notice or there’s a big change – no more updates on gran.  And yes I love her dearly and i know when her time comes im gonna miss her – i already miss her because she’s not the same woman from even three months ago. 

So…. On to me.  I’ve had to have five pages of liver function blood tests and i also need a scan on my liver.  At the very least i have a fatty liver and on the other end of the scale… Well I’ll cross that bridge as and when I get to it.  

My dr is amazing and said no matter what is going on, she is sure it can be dealt with.  I have lost 14lbs since i was last weighed earlier this year so im proud of that considering im on four different meds with added side effects of weight gain while only one of the meds im on has the side effect of weight loss.

We’ve sold the house and the date we have to be out by is Sept 2nd which isn’t that far away when I think about it. So much shit is happening at once and…. Euch.  Euch just about covers how i feel about most things now.

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