how PokemonGo is helping me battle depression.

OK so imma add in a little background info about just why im so excited about PokemonGo.

If you’re new to my blog – I have depression, borderline personality, bipolar and depression.

when pokemon first came out, we didn’t have the money for the handheld or the games.  they were just far too expensive, so while everyone was playing the card game or the Gameboy, I had a sega mega drive (which I absolutely loved, it was my first gaming console).

Fast forward and not only can I now afford Gameboys, I can also afford the games and of course….there’s now PokemonGo.

There’s been a fair amount of arguments amount the pros and cons and I want to tell you about my experiences with this little marvel.   Living with chronic illness that not only affects your mental state but also your physical state is not easy – and finding exercise that’s fun and rewarding is equally not easy.

in the last three weeks, I have spent more time with friends and out of my house because we’ve been Pokémon hunting  (OK auto correct wtf….).  I have been walking and getting about.  I’ve been getting fresh air and sunshine.  today (Tuesday) I even went to Rutland Water – we took Shelby for a walk and did some Pokémon hunting while we were at it.

It was fun and it felt good to get out.  we met others playing the game and Shelby enjoyed meeting other dogs and people.

How is this helping?  Well while im battling Pokémon i’m also battling my depression an d anxiety.  I’ve genuinely been happier – yes, I end up in a good amount of pain afterwards – but it’s so worth it.  I’ve made new friends, I feel my anxiety taking a serious back seat when I have something like this to concentrate on.  when i’m throwing poke-balls at things i’m too busy trying to catch another venonat or eevee.  I want to travel around to see what new pokemon I can get from different places.

Instead of spending all day in my pyjamas I’m getting dressed and planning where I can go to get more.  My nearest Poke-stop is actually a mile into town.  I find myself enjoying the walk down – I don’t walk back; not a hope in hell.  But I am walking down and around town.

for me (and so many others) PokemonGo is a really good thing.  I don’t know about anyone else but i’m always being told by someone or other that the “cure” to my depression is to just get out more.  I won’t say it is a cure…. however it is helping a great deal and I can only say – that’s a really good thing.

Long may this last – the only time I can see a problem arising is around winter time – simply because I don’t do ice…. or snow.  or cold.

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