WTNV, Halloween & Moved!

Where to start with the passed two weeks?!  I guess London and the Welcome to Night Vale live show would be a good start I guess – it was a treat to my lady to celebrate our two year anniversary (which was in June).

Stayed in a lovely hotel (travel lodge but holy crap the room was huge and the bed was so comfy!) Had a fucking nightmare with Uber….. As in we booked, they never arrived and then took my money anyway.  Ended up cabbing to the Palladium (and back).  The only “bad” thing I can say is that there was no queue system…. The crowd waiting literally closed a road… And getting into the Palladium was sort of a free for all.  

The people were lovely though, chatted to a few and it was like being in one big family. 

We had good seats, drank wine and the show itself was just… Wow! Made me love WTNV even more (if that was possible). There were lots of laughs (of course) and then it got really serious and deep and holy shit made so much fucking sense and I’m sure most of the audience had mini existential crisis’…

After the show we (Vicky and myself) went to a nice Italian restaurant; great food and great wine… Of course, great company too. 

During the week we played lots of Minecraft, watched lots of movies and had lots of giggles. 

Halloween was so awesome! If you head over to my Instagram (@KatV0nHall that’s a zero not an “oh”) there’s pics up. We ran out of candy and I scared a couple of kids witless… Yay! I did look pretty creepy to be fair.

Travelling back was all kinds of hell. First train was fine, got a seat and managed to chill. Second train…. I was stood for an hour and a half. Holy shit.  I managed to find a seat and was heading towards it when some bitch decided to get there quicker. I wouldn’t mind but it was obvious where I was heading with all my bags.

At least I got a good core work out, cuz I wasn’t holding on to anything.   I will say, I overheard three Irish lads talking about drunken escapades… It’s the kind of drunk I aspire too.

While I was away, my mum got the move date (Halloween).  With the help of some great friends, mum got everything moved.  I came back to a new house.  Which was weird as fuck but its a nice place, I have a decent sized bedroom.

I’m currently running on mobile data cuz we have no WiFi yet, so lots of movies too.

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