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My Top 5 [[Part 2]]

….. Songs for your sex playlist.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

Part 2 of my gods-know how many Top 5’s – you can read my intro and part one here; so I don’t think I need to re-type that.

One of the many playlists I’ve found people have is a sexy times playlist and of course, I am no different.  While some of the tracks have changed over time and new ones are added in, I do have five staples that will be somewhere in there.

Shall we?

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My Top 5…. [[Part 1]]

…..Songs that hold meaning to me.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

In times of stress, depression, anxiety, elation, indifference, angst…. All the time… We turn to music for different reasons.  We all have “those songs” that are playlisted for specific emotions and/or experiences.  It’s one of the great things about music…. It speaks for us when we can’t find the words.  It brings us together; bonds us and can make us family.

So I would like to share with you some of my Top Fives…. Of various different kinds.  This one is all about the five songs (in no specific order) that hold a lot of meaning to me.

I’d really love it if you would give them a listen if you haven’t already and share your own favourites in the comments section.

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Dear Dementia….

I hate you. I hate you more than anything in the world.

Never again will I hear my gran’s sing song voice; now it’s nothing but a dry rasp.

Never again will I listen to her stories from youth; they’re replaced with mumblings of events that never happened – today we all died in a plane crash and she thought we were ghosts.

Never again will I enjoy her amazing humour and quick wit; it’s now replaced with a confused look that longs for understanding.

Never again will I see her give a warm loving smile and a twinkle in her eyes; instead a vacant expression greets me except for the fleeting moment she recognised me and told me she loved me.

Never again will I hold a conversation about anything; her responses are confused and make no sense.

Never again will I make new memories with her.

There’s so much I want to tell her but she will forget.  I want to share my happiness, my sadness…. But she doesn’t understand.

Dear Dementia; you stole my gran from me and I want her back, so badly.  

Does Preference = Transphobia (Pt2) #LGBTQIA

I was gonna add the following to my original post on the subject; however after re-reading a few times and gaining a much better understanding (Esp from a trans perspective), I felt it needed an entire new post to itself; and I know you will agree.

I want to thank Twitter user @andrearitsu for kindly giving me permission to copy/paste their entire Twitter thread on the subject.

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Does Preference = Transphobia? #LGBTQ

Bear with me on this – I came across a series of tweets today, admittedly not the whole conversation because my twitter app wouldn’t load the whole thing.  However I did put in my two cents on what I had read.  It’s kinda opened up a whole door now where I myself and also a lesbian YouTuber called Arielle Scarcella are being called transphobic.

Three ish months back Arielle teamed up with Jaclyn Glenn for a video titled “only two genders”.

This will be a long one…. get a cuppa.

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