My Top 5 [[Part 2]]

….. Songs for your sex playlist.

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Part 2 of my gods-know how many Top 5’s – you can read my intro and part one here; so I don’t think I need to re-type that.

One of the many playlists I’ve found people have is a sexy times playlist and of course, I am no different.  While some of the tracks have changed over time and new ones are added in, I do have five staples that will be somewhere in there.

Shall we?

The Weeknd – High for This

It is legitimately hard for me to pick just one track by The Weeknd for a sex playlist – I actually have most of his stuff scattered through it (who can blame me?)

This track I first heard on an advert and had to go searching.  I have two versions of it; the original and a dubstep remix.  His vocals lend very well to sexy times whether it’s just some fooling around or full on sex.

Favourite lyric: Open your hand, Take a glass. Don’t be scared, I’m right here.

30 Seconds to Mars – Stranger in a Strange Land

Again, another toughie to pick just one for this list.  I could rattle off many (see the honourable mentions at the end of the post).  However this one just sticks out for some odd reason….

Maybe it’s Jared’s dulcet tones singing “I’ll fuck you like the devil” and “If you’re looking for Jesus, get on your knees”?  Maybe it’s Shannon’s drumming? And please let’s not forget Tomo on guitar – my gods can that man play….

Boy Epic – Dirty Mind

A new addition to my play list; after watching the video and listening to the lyrics – it really is easy to see why.  Again, I have most if not all of Boy Epic’s current tracks and covers on my sex playlist.  He’s another with a voice that lends itself very well to that kind of music and I am not complaining.

“Wanna do you right, keep your back to the sky go slow…”

“You wanna be stressed, I’d rather have sex… you and I and my dirty mind, We can stay high or no…”

Maroon 5 – Animals

I sat staring at my screen for the longest time, trying to decide between two tracks.  The other was “Hands all Over”.  I’m a weirdo and due to being a little obsessed with Vampires – blood can be a bit of a turn on for me – so the video gets marks for that off the bad.

However the lyrics and the melody and just Adam Levine’s voice.  Yes Yes.  More of that please.

“I’m praying on you tonight, hunt you down eat you alive.  Just like animals, animals, Like animals….”

…..And that howl…. Mmhmm…

Rihanna – Skin

RiRi has a whole host of tracks perfect for a sex playlist;  she owns her sexuality and it always comes across in her music; a prime example is this track.  It’s slow and sensual and makes me think of a darkened room with lit candles and moonlight.

On the other hand it makes me think of sweaty bodies, lap dancing and writhing around on whatever surface is closest.

“Just put your skin, baby, on my skin…”

Honourable Mentions:

30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane, Northern Lights, End of All Days // Depeche Mode – Corrupt // IAMX – Mercy // R Kelly – Bump ‘n’ Grind // Lana Del Ray – Born to Die // ZZ Top – Rough Boy

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