Kylie Will Make You Blush!

Up until an hour or so ago I was stuck with what the hell to write about… I knew I wanted to write…. but what? 

Then it hit me… sort of.  

Let me just preface this; I’m not a Kardashian/Jenner clan fan.  I admire their business sense and the empire they’ve built – they were “just” reality TV stars and they turned it into something positive for their lives. Kim K didn’t let thay sex tape bother her and took it in her stride (from what I remember), then used that fame to build her own empire.  So with that said….
I saw some stories floating around about Kylie Jenner’s (apparently long awaited)  blush collection drawing criticism for the names of the shades.  

“Nothing can be THAT bad, surely?!” I said this out loud,  much to my mother’s confusion.   Then I saw the names.

And my opinion didn’t change. 😑
I’ve never been up in arms about names of make up products.  I know Kylie’s fanbase starts quite young but the words only have the meaning we as a society apply to them.  A 13 year old may chuckle (okay…. giggle) at a name like x-rated or virginity and they may even play on the name with friends for laughs… it’s what 13 year olds do.  Is it sexualising the 13 year old in question? Well… no; because it’s just a blusher and if you’re finding it to be sexualising young teens then I’m thinking that’s your problem….

Kylie isn’t the first brand to use risqué product names, and she won’t be the last.  

Most notable for product names in the “did I hear that right?” category is NARS. They have the whole “orgasm” (and “super orgasm”) collection featuring names; The Multiple, GSpot, Undress Me, Deep Throat, Sex Appeal, Foreplay palette, Sex Machine, Fire Down Below, Sexual Healing, Pussy Galore.

Let’s not leave out TooFaced in this either: Sexpresso, Like a Virgin, Nude Beach, Lap Dance, Nude Scene, Fuzzy Handcuffs, Garter Belt, Naughty Nude, Sex Kitten, Sex Pot, First Time, Better Than Sex.

So… what’s the issue? I’ve not seen any blog or public backlash about the above listed; all I see is jokes and giggles about the names along with some rather boring one liners.  

I see none of the outrage I’ve seen with Kylie’s blushers, nobody commenting on why a product is called what it’s called, nobody saying that it will sexualise young girls who use it.

Can we, just for a second, talk about how gorgeous those colours are and how flattering they will be to pretty much all skin tones?  I mean, damn. I readily admit, I’d like one of each.

So back to their names…again – what is the big deal with the names Kylie has chosen to call her blushers? 

I see it this way – in this situation you can either call out ALL make up companies that are using risqué product names OR you can call out none of them.

You can’t have one rule for a group of companies and another rule for another company – that’s not how it works, people.

As far as I am reading it seems that Kylie Jenner is being singled out simply because she’s Kylie Jenner… where’s the fairness in that?

Seeing it another way everyone* is now talking about her blusher range. All publicity is good publicity in this respect; just posting a simple tweet about your opinion on them is gonna do wonders for her publicity of the product.

I’ll leave you with this… if you’re still offended or upset or whatever about those blusher colours – answer me one question: Why? If the answer is anything to do with sexualising children, again… how is it doing that? 

To Kylie (as if she would read my blog, ha!) You keep doing you! Keep growing your empire and expanding your cosmetics range. Haters are gonna find any little thing to fuel their hate; ignore them and the metaphorical fires they start.  Trolls need to go back under whatever bridge they came from and look themselves long and hard in the mirror… 

*OK so not literally everyone… many many people in and out of the fandom(s).

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