RIP Beauty Standards [#BodyPositivityForAll]

Quite a harsh title, I’ll give you that… However it should be true. 

This blog started as one thing and turned into a battle cry of sorts…. But I am legitimately not upset about that… Keep reading…

I had a lovely and rather enlightening conversation in an IG pod and we spoke a lot about two points of view – either everyone is beautiful or nobody is beautiful…. Seems quite simple.  My theory in this, is that just because I don’t find someone beautiful, doesn’t mean they aren’t to someone else; and applies to everyone on the planet… Therefore everyone is beautiful. 

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

This led onto a conversation about social beauty standards and how they are what is impacting on everyone’s view of beauty.

Think about it… When you think of Societal Beauty Standards, I can bet the first things you think of [for women] is tall, slender, hourglass figure, long hair, manicured nails, perfect pout, pert bum and “perfect” breasts, maybe the odd “small”/”cute” tattoo somewhere that it’s easily hidden, nothing too edgy in the piercing realm either; navel, earlobes, maybe a nose ring.  [For men] tall, well built, muscles,  a dazzling smile, toned, tanned, either blue or brown eyes and a large…. package, maybe some “manly” tattoos and an ear piercing or two.

And if that’s what instantly comes to your mind [or a variation], That’s nothing to be ashamed about… This is what health and “Beauty” magazines for men and woman have taught us; drilled into our brains on glossy covers with bright pictures and red circles pointing to celeb “problem” areas… to see as beautiful, handsome, the perfect figure, acceptable.

It’s imprinted on us from a young age that anyone that doesn’t look a certain way, isn’t acceptable. 

My friend Siobhan gave a PERFECT analogy…. [Thank you for letting me include it!]

“Most [if not all] supermarkets have started selling “wonky veg”, items that have grown deformaties or don’t conform to industry standards. Nothing is technically wrong with them, they just don’t look the norm; they have lumps and bumps but not the “normal” lumps and bumps, not the “normal” shape… But because they don’t look “right” they’re being sold for less, seen as less valuable and unwanted. 

Now transfer that philosophy to people; you are made to feel less valuable and unwanted if you don’t look the way the fashion industry ideals do, or if you have lumps and bumps in the “wrong” places.”

That is exactly right.  Plus size people of all genders are the wonky veg in society. Lumps and bumps are fine… But only in socially acceptable places.

Truth is, there are so many different forms of beauty but society doesn’t seem to want us to love ourselves just as we are… The quick answer to that is profit.  

If we all became completely radical and suddenly all started loving ourselves as we are right now…. There would be less people signing up to gyms, diet plans, “detox” juices and teas [don’t get me started], less make up, hair dye, personal dieticians and trainers, less mental help needed for those of us with issues stemming from how we percieve we look…. 

Less money would be spent overall on trying to achieve some notion society in general has in it’s head, of how “beauty” should look. 

But I think we SHOULD be radical.  Everyone, regardless of their appearance, has every right to feel good about themselves.  Body Positivity doesn’t stop at a size/gender/height/sexual orientation/colour/shape/etc… That’s what is so, SO awesome about being body positive… It is totally all inclusive… It’s meant for everyone!

Look at it this way [I’ll use me as an example]; I’m not, in any way, societies vision of beauty… To many I’m not their cup of tea/coffee/whatever, and that’s fine.  Why should I let that get me down?  Just because someone [usually an internet troll who has appeared out from under their bridge] says I am ugly, doesn’t stop me from being fucking fabulous and beautiful and a beacon of shining glitter filled waterfalls, all in my own right.  I am a Queen and peasants [like trolls] should bow at my feet and bask in my greatness!  

And guess what..? You’re a King, You’re a Queen…. You are a god damn fucking Regal human being.

You deserve love. 

You deserve to be happy.  

You deserve to LOVE YOURSELF! 

Society needs to change it’s views of beauty to include everyone of every size, colour, shape, gender…. Everything.  It won’t happen without a lot of hard work from those of us who don’t fit the standard though.  It’s time to stand up and be counted.

So BE RADICAL!  ❤️  You are amazing, you shine and it’s time to let the world see it! So what if you’re wonky veg? I know I am, and I know I’m still awesome; so are you!

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