Scooby Visited? [Ghost doggo]

So, had a bit of an unexplainable experience and I’m now convinced that it was Scooby visiting me.

Yesterday (Thursday 26th) it was time to clean the hamster cage; Quark was getting stinky.

Routine clean with nothing weird and no unexpected anything (even down to Quark trying to escape).

About half way through the refill of the bottom tray, what i thought was a hair, floated down my leg; i shook it off and continued.

I put the cage together and deposit my hamster back inside for him to eat and go to bed till it’s dark, my mum walks in and we’re talking when we both notice something on my leg…. It wasn’t a hair that floated down – it was blood from an unknown source.

Papercut-like scratch

After a quick clean up and body search, i discover a thin little scratch on my calf. feck knows what scratched me cuz we couldn’t find a damn thing when we did a search of where i had been. I vacced up anyway, just in case.

Today, what had started as a thin “papercut” type scratch now looks like a gouge? A claw scratch?

I know that if i had caught my leg on anything that would leave that kind of mark i would have definitely noticed; especially as it made me bleed.

My doggo Shelby has been acting super weird today as well and refused point blank to sit on the left side of my bed and when she finally did, she decided quickly she didn’t want to and for some unknown reason jumped “over” an invisible…… something.

Being an empath with psychic abilities – i sense no evil in my room or my apartment…i never have. We’ve only been here a year but my first night here it already felt like home…

Which leads me to believe that my previous doggo Scooby, who was a little shit* (but my little shit), was letting me know he was still around.

As for it being a single scratch not three or more, Scooby had exceedingly sharp dew claws that often scratched me leaving similar marks on my arms, hands and thighs.

* Scooby was a rescue, he had been abused in previous homes and had brain damage amongst other issues. He wasn’t viscious until the last three months of his life.

Snappy yes, viscious no.

We had him 9 years and we sadly had to put him to sleep because it became evident he was suffering.

Scooby was a minimum of 14 y/o when he crossed the rainbow bridge; we never actually had a real birth date for him, only an estimate.

He was a terrier mix that resembled closely a Bushland terrier and reminded us of Gnasher from Dennis the Menace. ❤️ He was amazing.

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