Why I don’t care… 💍

…about The Royals / Wedding.

It’s been a while since I posted and I’ll be honest, I’m an amazing procrastinator and I’ve also been enjoying time with my fiance and dealing with some personal stuff. I will blog about the personal stuff but not just yet.

So on to today’s topic… The Royal Wedding. It doesn’t matter where you go online it’s all that 90% of the media are talking about qnd in a few months there will probably be a baby announcement and we’ll get more of it… I had the terms “RoyalWedding”, “Royal”, “Markle” and “HarryAndMeghan” all black listed on Twitter… Apparently they didn’t care about that and shoved it down my throat at every chance.

Read on to find out why I just don’t give any f*cks anymore…

Being British, you’re pretty much bought up with a weird respect for the Royal Family. As you grow up and mature you either continue with this weird unquestioned respect or you start to ask questions as to why you should respect them so blindly.

In the last three or four years I started to question my respect to the Royal Family. Why did I hold them in such high esteem? Why did I defend them? Why was I so interested in their marriages, births and deaths?

I couldn’t clearly answer any of these questions with more than “…because it’s what is drilled into us from an early age.” Royal Family and Religion… (Funny story on the latter… I remember primary school clearly when this one day we were talking Religion *eye roll* and it was presumed, without question that everyone was Church of England… My teacher was genuinely surprised and very concerned when I corrected him and said I was Pagan… They had “words” with my mum. She was less than impressed at them for trying to push their beliefs on me.)

Getting back on track…

The Royal Wedding(s). I was interested in the last one for the simple reason that at the time I was self employed and writing for a fashion website regularly – I was just interested in The Dress™ and what everyone else wore.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cost £22Million (roughly) with £20Million being for security alone.

Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle’s wedding cost £32Million…

Let’s have a breakdown…

  • Dress £387,000
  • Flowers £110,000
  • Wedding ring £250,000
  • Cake £50,000
  • Security £30MILLION.

The Royal Family pay for the core areas of the wedding while the tax payers fund the rest… Which sounds fine (ish)…. Until I found out that the tax payers pay the government who then pay the Sovereign Grant…. Basically the tax payers pay the Royal Family which the Queen supplements with revenue from the hire of estates for functions and rent on properties.

This year The Queen is getting an 8.1% pay rise; so she’ll be “earning” £82.2Million in the 2018/19 tax year.

She was granted this pay rise so the renovations of Buckingham Palace could take place… That will take ten (10) years and cost £369Million. I’ve also read other reports that the Queen was granted a 6.6% pay rise before this.

The planned 2018 increase is the second increase agreed by Members of Parliament this year after they approved a new way of calculating the grant total in March of this year. Instead of the Sovereign Grant being calculated at 15 per cent of the Crown Estate’s profits, it was decided to calculate it at 25 per cent, which would help the monarchy find the £369 million needed for repairs to Buckingham Palace over the next 10 years.

…It really irritates me to know all this because on the 14th June 2017 Grenfell tower went up in flames because in the 2016 renovations there was allegedly not enough money to use fireproof cladding – 71 people died and 70 people were injured; amongst the dead were children. The difference in cost between the two cladding types was just £2 per square metre…. The conservative party (AKA Tory, government….) decided they needed to reduce costs therefore the cheaper non-fire-resistant cladding was used instead.

The complete difference in cost between the flammable and non flammable was £1.3Million and there are more than likely other housing towers using the same flammable cladding that also need replacing.

The Queen gets an 8.1% pay rise while most workers are lucky to receive 2% regardless of how much the cost in living has risen. (We get told to be more mindful of our money spending… But when the choice is between paying bills and eating? When you can’t even afford to gas up your car to get to work OR pay for your public transport… What are you supposed to cut out? I don’t know anyone of my friends who aren’t in their overdraft or using credit cards and most of them have full time jobs.)

Just as a by-the-by ….. This is what The Royal Family cost per year.

We desperately need funding to the NHS because doctors and nurses are working ridiculous hours for less pay. They’re completely overworked, understaffed and under appreciated…. And yet all the government (Theresa MayHEM) says is we need “reform” not money.

The government is cutting funding to crime fighting, education, health (NHS) amongst many other things as well as cutting corners… Because there just isn’t enough money; yet there’s enough tax payer money to help pay for a ridiculously over priced wedding and it’s security.

People get married every day; normal people who are struggling to pay bills. I don’t see them getting celebrated by the world; neither do I see new parents being celebrated by the world when they have a baby…

The more I learn about what they do (or don’t do) the more I realise they’re just figure-heads who cost the tax payer a lot of money for very little…

So no… Idgaf about royal weddings and babies… I’m finding it really hard to give any fucks about the royal family in general because what are they really doing for us?

I see comments of “but Parliament need her approval for all their decisions….”

Any legislation passed by Parliament must also get the Queen’s stamp of approval (technically known as Royal Assent) before becoming law. It’s mostly a formality, though: No monarch has refused to give Royal Assent since 1707.

I very much doubt she reads it herself and simply signs what’s in front of her… She also does a lot of charity work (good for her, but it’s not like she’s actually doing a day shift at the local Oxfam…) She also basically promotes/demotes people and gives them fun new titles.


I know a great many many many people who are 100% over it all because there’s far more fucking important shit happening that they (The Royal Family) could make a difference to but can’t or won’t…. And then won’t change any laws to make it possible to actually help… Because why the fuck would they?

People with all the money in the world and could easily make a difference and help, not just their country but the entire world, don’t. They just hoard their riches because they’re greedy when it gets right down to it.

That goes for The Royal Family too.

One thought on “Why I don’t care… 💍

  1. I’m sure Harry and Meghan would not be interested in seeing a video of my wedding. They’re just as human as I am. So, no, I didn’t watch them make vows on TV. But I wish them well and hope they beat the odds and stay married always.

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