NHS WTF & 2019 Plans!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween and either got some awesome treats or made it fun for everyone else! I’m currently away visiting my fiancé for the last time this year -insert sad face here- and we’ve been having a lovely time as always.

We went to The Rasmus in London which over all was great even though they used FAR too many strobes right off the bat and we had to move from the front of the gig right to the back – even then I had to stand with my back to the stage because it was so bad. And that was while wearing my red lenses.

Halloween was fun as always and we handed out over 300 bags of candy! Holy crap!

Have a gothic Pikachu and a Unicorn. Remind me to NEVER EVER use that much highlighter all over my face, ever again!!! I’ve showered and scrubbed and I still have glitter in my eyebrows.

Halloween night I had an iiiitty bitty accident which resulted in me heading to Rugby walk in on the 2nd and then Coventry University Hospital on the 3rd (yup a Saturday) when I was supposed to have a CT scan. Short version is I never got the CT scan and I’ve probably done a fuck tonne of soft tissue damage around my left wrist, hand and scaphoid. No thanks to the Dr I saw at the hospital, it’s gonna take a while to heal… 🖕

Saturday night we went to a fireworks display here in Daventry and we had a…..wait for it…. Blast. Badum Tsh.

Was cold but very pretty with lots of colours. Had to dodge out the way of some sparks but all was good fun.

Today is mum-in-law’s birthday so there is cake and take away as mine and Vicky’s treat.

….Now…. Onto next year…

My big 2019 plans!

Drum roll please… I will be moving. I will be moving towns and even counties. I will be moving in with my amazing fiancé. I think at this point we’ve figured out we won’t kill each other 😂

So mid-February next year I shall be moving “up north” to Daventry and then further on in the year I shall be moving up to Stoke-On-Trent (with Vicky).

My anxiety is trying to ruin shit for me… This is simply because I don’t like change… Its the unknown. But this change is a GOOD change and with Vicky’s help, I’m shutting my anxiety up nicely.

Snap is still in his cage where he belongs and long may those padlocks hold.

As with change… I’m having a slight rebrand. I went (and currently go) by KatVonHall as a sort of nod towards Kat Von D, who I used to look up too. Talented, head strong, stuck to her guns. However I find myself unable to give her any respect after her revelations of being anti-vax. She’s a tattooist who doesn’t believe in vaccines and that doesn’t sit well with me; neither does it sit well that she’d put not just herself but others at risk due to this belief.

So I’ll be doing a bit of a re-brand; the name came with the help of my dad who came up with the nickname when we spoke about my magnetic implant. Not revealing anything more than that now but you’ll start seeing things in January next year.

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