About Me

Welcome to… this!

My name is Kat (or Katnip…. either is good) and I live with multiple chronic illnesses which affect me in many different ways….

🔹 Fibromyalgia 🔹 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 🔹 Osteoarthritis 🔹 Non Epileptic Attack Disorder 🔹 Hypothyroidism 🔹 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 🔹 Asthma 🔹 Depression 🔹 Borderline Personality Disorder 🔹 Anxiety 🔹

In short; I’m a spoonie!

Over the years I have worked in a pub, a club, retail and was then self employed for a few years until I had to relent and stop work due to my body hating me (for no reason too!)

This blog-type-thing is a great outlet for me to just write down what’s going on in my mind before it explodes and also serves as a bit of an education sometimes?  I do make some meaningful posts and I try to write regularly…. buuuut that doesn’t always work out because I have bad brain fog and admittedly, some days, zero motivation.

Comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome on any of my posts; I love interacting with readers.  If you don’t wanna comment but wanna get in touch there are various ways – email me, tweet me, IG me.


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