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Crazy ass dream…

It’s been a while since I did a dream post…. Let’s see if anyone can interpret this clusterfuck?

I start out on a local street and walking into a room with a husky puppy and two coffins. I look at them, kick them then head back outside to a door of a house.

I open it up and head inside the house, finding I’m in a science lab/hospital but it has an airport check in area. 

I walk over to the check in area and find two people using Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak…. Someone walks into them and they all three explode.

I wake up as I head to the check in desk to check into the hospital.

….ok go. Interpret that.

Weird ass dream

I had such a weird dream last night.

I went to a @30secondstomars gig and the guys were talking to fans outside.  Shannon was dressed up in a tiger mascot outfit and I scratched under his chin. 

We all went in and the gig started with the support act but an electrical fire broke out and we all had to leave quickly. I wandered outside and saw Shannon who had no clue what was going on and was still dressed in a tiger mascot outfit. another fan kept trying to hug him but he was having none of it at all so she moved him so his back was to the rest of us. I woke up when I punched her.

Fuck its been a while

I do apologise, I’ve just felt like I’ve had nothing noteworthy to blog and I don’t wanna just ramble?

I also apologise for any spelling errors.  I have a bluetooth keyboard for my kindle and it can’t quite keep up with my typing speed just yet XD.
I also have NO IDEA why this is all in a quote….. seriously……..

SO what has been going on?  I’ve seen Olivia this week and she’s really happy with my progress.  It really good that I’m not having to consciously think about how I am reacting to something and then change my thinking, it’s happening on a more automatic basis now which is great because it means I’m not so mentally fatigued and it’s making my life much easier.  I’m less stressed on the whole so I’m finding it easier to deal with shit that happens.  I’m also not so nervous about randomly talking to people…. 

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more weird ass dreams!

once more i will type this as i remember it.  obviously there will be stuff i’ve missed because rarely do you ever remember everything from a dream.  i’ve been meditating to remember more detail, however.

also…. i dream in colour….

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I had a dream….

and it was a doozy… i will type it up as it happened.

i was in the car with my parents.  we were escaping from *something*, i looked around and there was a planet with the looks of our sun (close up not just a ball of light) i asked my dad what it was called and he said “Lazerus” and that that is what we were trying to leave from.

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