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So I’ve been going to CBT for a while now, at last two months – probably longer and I’ve been working through my modules (yup I get homework) I can really see how my thinking has changed.

There are hypothetical scenarios in the modules and I genuinely , when I started them, used to get anxiety attacks just THINKING about these things happening to me, but now I can see the funny side of the scenarios and have a laugh.  My reactions are much more laid back now and not so anxiety driven.

I think I’ve misplaced a module though. I have modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. I see Olivia next week so I’ll see if I can get it then.

My tattoo is healing up really well.  It didn’t scab up at all and is now shedding skin.  Yummy.  Feel like a fucking snake.  My conch is 50/50. The front is doing okay but the back is still all euww so I’ve started taking the o ring off and cleaning under it to try and sort it out.  I need to get a longer piece of jewellery for it which I will deal with tomorrow.


This is me.  I love my kindle tab.  Its camera is not that bad.  I’ll try and add a picture to each post I send from my kindle

Fuck its been a while

I do apologise, I’ve just felt like I’ve had nothing noteworthy to blog and I don’t wanna just ramble?

I also apologise for any spelling errors.  I have a bluetooth keyboard for my kindle and it can’t quite keep up with my typing speed just yet XD.
I also have NO IDEA why this is all in a quote….. seriously……..

SO what has been going on?  I’ve seen Olivia this week and she’s really happy with my progress.  It really good that I’m not having to consciously think about how I am reacting to something and then change my thinking, it’s happening on a more automatic basis now which is great because it means I’m not so mentally fatigued and it’s making my life much easier.  I’m less stressed on the whole so I’m finding it easier to deal with shit that happens.  I’m also not so nervous about randomly talking to people…. 

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