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The First Time… #SexBlog

I meant to do this much sooner than I have; however I wanted to get it all written out, or at least my thoughts written down so I knew where I was gonna go with this.
I figured the best way was to just go point by point of a tumblr post (surprise surprise), that meant well but is actually quite problematic for many.

So here is the post….

And after the jump we’ll go through it together.  

  • I also wish to note that this whole post refers to penis-in-vagina intercourse.

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Does Preference = Transphobia (Pt2) #LGBTQIA

I was gonna add the following to my original post on the subject; however after re-reading a few times and gaining a much better understanding (Esp from a trans perspective), I felt it needed an entire new post to itself; and I know you will agree.

I want to thank Twitter user @andrearitsu for kindly giving me permission to copy/paste their entire Twitter thread on the subject.

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Does Preference = Transphobia? #LGBTQ

Bear with me on this – I came across a series of tweets today, admittedly not the whole conversation because my twitter app wouldn’t load the whole thing.  However I did put in my two cents on what I had read.  It’s kinda opened up a whole door now where I myself and also a lesbian YouTuber called Arielle Scarcella are being called transphobic.

Three ish months back Arielle teamed up with Jaclyn Glenn for a video titled “only two genders”.

This will be a long one…. get a cuppa.

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