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Blood Means Nothing

I will preface this with a CW.

There’s a lot of pent-up anger directed at two family members in this post.

Like… A lot; bordering on rage.

So the entire thing will go behind a cut.

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Testing my Patience (Gran issues)


If a friend pisses you off or treats you like shit and you cut them off or put them in their place (when needed), nobody bats an eye at you…..

But as soon as you do it to a family member everyone loses their god damned fucking minds.

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So Fucking angry

The council got back to us. 

They will not ’re house us.  Our house is perfectly acceptable and adequate for our needs.   They literally don’t care that we will be homeless and simply say that we need to “Chase Michael” for what he needs to pay and if he won’t we have to miraculously find enough money to hire a solicitor because we can’t get legal aid as there is no proof Michael was ever abusive (even though he was).   We asked what coukd help is in getting a council house as there was no way any of that could happen and we have to find “evidence of our need”. Which means spending out more money on doctors notes and getting stuff from the iva and first plus loan and mortgage to prove we’re gonna be homeless which they won’t send out until we have about six weeks left to which council replied that it isn’t enough time to find us a place to live.  Also if we fear for our safety (which we do) we have to have police reports to help us (there are none as we can prove what he has done). 

Now excuse me while I get annoyed and I mean no disrespect….. I see 16 year old mother’s getting council houses all the time and i personally know of three immigrant familys who have been given houses in our area, fully furnished with rent paid for six months.  None of them speak english or work and are claiming everything they can get their hands on (and in the area it’s been in the newspapers that they’re capable of working and learning. They just refuse).

But a disabled woman and her legal carer can’t get any Fucking help!