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The Dark Side of BoPo Community – Elitists

I have considered myself a firm member of the body positive community for a rather long time.  I underatand where it came from, how it started and why it was needed.

The rest of this post is going to talk about and weight loss so there’s your content warning and here is the jump…

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RIP Beauty Standards [#BodyPositivityForAll]

Quite a harsh title, I’ll give you that… However it should be true. 

This blog started as one thing and turned into a battle cry of sorts…. But I am legitimately not upset about that… Keep reading…

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Bathing suit shopping is no longer fun

Okay so picture the scene…. you’re going on holiday and you need a bathing suit of some kind cuz, sun and pools etc.  Only problem is, you’re plus size and you’re kinda self conscious about your stomach even though generally you’re pretty body positive.

You think, “how hard can it be?” 

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