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Body Posi VS Fat Posi

I’ve done a similar blog about this earlier this year however it keeps coming around so I feel I need to make this point…. Again.

Note: I’m not censoring names. Fuck y’all.

I’ve also had a large section of this saved in my drafts for a good two weeks.

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The Dark Side of BoPo Community – Elitists

I have considered myself a firm member of the body positive community for a rather long time.  I underatand where it came from, how it started and why it was needed.

The rest of this post is going to talk about and weight loss so there’s your content warning and here is the jump…

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Outfit of the Month + ’16 resolution

I haven’t done an outfit of the day for a while because to be honest I haven’t felt comfortable showing a picture that hasn’t been edited and lit properly. Add to that the lack of make up and no wig…. it’s been a no go.

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An actual blog

It’s been a while since I actually did a proper blog and I thought I would take the time to do so.

I did do a full proper vlog and it was just shy of an hour long. A lot of it was rambling but I talked about voices (in my head) and depression and such and when I went to piece it all together (I did it in three parts) it got corrupted and decided to completely fuck up. So I will try my best to remember everything I had put in to it and write it here 😀

Can’t promise though. I am currently coughing up my seventh or eighth lung, my head is spinning and can’t even remember if I’ve taken my meds today so I darent take them now, in case I have already taken them.  I’ve been like this for a week but I’ve been trying so hard to just carry on and now, finally, it’s kinda hitting me hard.

So…. where to start? Well I no longer have brightly coloured hair – it’s now back to brunette. Actually feel quite comfortable with it, which is weird in itself.

Went on a bit of a shopping spree this past week, got myself some stuff from primark (I love that place) though I do have a small issue.  Their clothes sizes (I’m talking about womens) go up to an 18-20, yay!  However their biggest bra is a 38DD (I’m an F cup now), and their awesome batman, superman, spongebob, marvel….actually all their knickers, thongs and girl shorts only go up to a 14-16.  WTF Primark?  Women do come in bigger sizes than that (as evidenced by your 18-20 clothing) and by gods we like to wear batman panties too…..with matching bra!

And on the subject of bras…. since why are they so fucking expensive?  I got a gorge new bra (and matching knickers) from ann summers, mainly because a) I needed to be fitted and b) they had a sale on…. £12 for matching bra/knicker set.  Yes yes yes,  I had to go on ebay to find another couple of bras because no matter where I went they were ridic expensive.  The smaller ones (from training bras to about a C/D cup) were quite reasonably priced, then you get the DD, E, F….and suddenly they’re £35 each!!! WHAT THE FUCK?  I’m 90% sure someone would pay me £35 to walk around holding my breasts and by gods they would be happy to do so.

Anyway…  for the first time in a while, I have NOTHING planned for the coming week which is fantastic and I am gonna chill, play xbox and sleep a lot. 

Think I’m gonna go watch youtube now….. my brain isn’t letting me have information to type. Bad brain. Very bad brain.