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Body Posi VS Fat Posi

I’ve done a similar blog about this earlier this year however it keeps coming around so I feel I need to make this point…. Again.

Note: I’m not censoring names. Fuck y’all.

I’ve also had a large section of this saved in my drafts for a good two weeks.

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Blogging process and…..boobs

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I do actually have a blogging process.  Sadly it’s nothing that I specifically do myself.  Usually it happens at around midnight or sometimes 2am and my voices (who I shall, from hereon out refer to as “the choir”) go something like this….

TheChoir: you know you wanna blog
Me: yes, yes I do…..
TC: and you have a subject…. something to blog about…
Me: yes, I do….
TC: so blog
Me: it’s 2am…. I want to sleep
TC: tough, if you don’t blog about this subject right now….. we won’t let you sleep
Me: Bastards
TC: damn straight…

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