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An Apology to #MattLucas

Dear Mr. M. Lucas,

This is long overdue and has been playing on my mind a lot recently. I made similar posts on former blogs before now, hoping you'd see them… and now I hope you haven't because I distinctly remember trying to justify myself.

There is no justification for the disgraceful and heartless "joke" I reposted on Twitter many years ago about yourself and your late husband.

For the longest time I would shrug it off by saying I didn't ever think you would see it, didn't know it was the real you replying and some other ridiculous excuses to make myself feel better.
The truth is none of that matters or makes it better and I should never have posted it in the first place. I was cocky, idiotic and cold hearted…. please know, I am no longer that person. I now take issues such as depression, self harm and suicide very seriously and know they are never a joke and shouldn't ever be any form of entertainment. I should have known back then and obviously I didn't.

I made an insurmountable mistake and royally fucked up and I cannot begin to imagine the hurt seeing that tweet caused you. With everything within me, I apologise unreservedly.

I hope you do see this and please know, that this mistake has not & will not be repeated. Ever.

I'm not looking for forgiveness; only for you to know that I want to be as far away as possible from the person I was back then. I have grown and matured through experiences I wouldn't ever wish on anyone, and I am ashamed of myself for what I posted.

I am so very sorry.

Yours Sincerely
Miss K.P. Hall. (Twitter: @KatVonHall )

Note: I can't remember the Twitter name I was using back then. I do know I deleted the account when I started a new one.

Amazing week…..

This is a bit of a mix muddle…..but I’ll start with the 9th to 16th of November.

My girlfriend visited 😄 I miss her so much now she’s gone but we had an amazing week.  There was a lot of drinking involved and a lot of minecraft too….. Mix them both and you get drunk minecraft…. Wow.  I don’t remember much but I do remember the term “tree cow as opposed to ground cow” and “the sheep are useless!” Which is sort of true….. Unless you want lots of wool!

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Open letter.

the time has come (and it has been coming) to actually tell you to fuck off and leave me alone. I’ve been polite, i’ve been honest with you yet you continue to sexually harrass me (and yes, that is what it is). 

The last time anything was said about the comments you pass you brushed it off as “just a joke” and “can’t a man pay you a compliment anymore?”  It is NOT a joke to tell someone “me and thee really need to give that a go sometime, just for the innevitable lulz afterwards” and it is not paying someone a compliment when you ask to see my tits on a regular basis.

It makes me uncomfortable, and i laugh it off because as you keep saying “im a spacker” Well you need to stop using that as a damned excuse because it isnt one.  I do know other people with aspergers and none of them act the way you do and none of them use it as an excuse to say whatever the fuck they want.

OK so yes, my parents banned you from the house and from visiting. This is because not only did you disrespect them by not saying goodbye and thank you for having me/feeding me (and dont even start on saying this was because you were having a “spacker attack” – its basic fucking manners and aspergers does not stop you from having them), but also because you once more asked me if there was a chance for “us” (there is no us, ever was an us and never would be an us) AND THEN presumed it was okay for you to ask me if you could grab my tits.  Dad heard that FYI and he was not happy.  It is never okay for you to ask someone if you can touch their tata’s. Ever. And i would not ever invite you to do so.

Moving on (if you’re still reading and you’d better be) PCOS….. just because i MAY have PCOS this does not in any way shape or form change my sexual preferences.  Yes there is a hormone imbalance which goes with it but this does not automatically determine that we are all lesbians.  I know women with PCOS who are as straight as a pole and are on no medication to “Correct” the imbalance.  So, in short and to be blut, just because i dont want on your dick doesnt mean i dont want on any dick – that applies to any female BTW.

OH and by the by…. yes i do have a “type” and generally yes, tattoos and piercings.  However i also go for a good personality and i am not sorry to say that ain’t yours.  You ARE racist and that really pisses me off because i really dont give a shit about anyone’s colour or religion or whatever and neither should you.  You treat racism as a joke.  It is not a joke.  I also think you treat feminism as a joke too. You tar all feminists as “tumblr feminazis” And then dont understand why i get annoyed or go quiet. Yes there are extreme feminists out there but we arent all the same.  Generally feminists just want equality (shock horror) and that leads me nicely into something that happened a while back….. when i was still with koren and you told that “pervert” (*coughkettleblackcough*) you were my boyfriend because apparently he would respect that more than if you had said i had a girlfriend or was single…. you shoulda just pointed me in his direction and i woulda happily told him where to go.  I am not a helpless damsel in distress and more importantly i am not YOUR damsel in distress.

And do you have ANY idea how awkward it was when you changed your relationship status “as a joke” to say you and me were together?  I have mutual friends with Koren who saw that and i had to explain to them that no, it was just a joke (on your part) and no offence was meant. Even Koren was pissed off. We hadnt even been split up a month when you did that and it was very disrespectful to ME.

As such, on the subject of Koren, she is my FRIEND one of my BEST FRIENDS and of course if i’m creeped out by something i’m gonna tell her that isn’t breaking a trust in friendship its actually have friends i can talk to about this kinda shit.  I dont care how many times you say “oh she let you down….. i knew it wouldnt last…. i dont see why you dont tell her where to go…” it’s not gonna stop me from having feelings and loving her (even if that is just as a friend).  And NO i did not like the idea of you “fucking Koren”.  She is my ex and it made me very uncomfortable.  Not because she is my ex, but because of YOU.

Note: telling someone who is bi, lesbian or whatevers that all they need is “a good fucking” to “turn them onto the dick” is disgraceful.

Now….how to say the next part…. grow the fuck up. You dont like your life? Change the fucker. If you “cant” it means you dont want too and are just happy moaning about it. You’re on the sick?  Why? Even if you do have fibromyalgia it doesnt mean you CANT work, it means you have to find a job that works for you.

My final note on all this…..you’re fucking creepy and you scare me. Telling me you want to give me an orgasm and it would make you a happy bunny…. wtf dude? I’ve told you many times that NO it will not happen and you going on and on about it is not going to wear me down, it is not going to make me change my mind about you in fact it just reinforces that to be honest, i’m starting to question whether you are innocent of rape and even if you are, how you act and talk to me makes you DANGEROUS.

In short…… leave me alone.  I am about to block you on EVERYTHING, dont text or call or email. If you dont listen, i have screencaptures of everything thats freaked me out and i will go the legal route.

Side note: im sending this in email not because i have no backbone but so there is a damned record of it, so that you cant just switch the webcam off or log out.  And just to make sure that you KNOW i am serious, this is going on my personal blog.