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I don’t want to see your before and after… (BoPo blog)

Just a heads up that this blog is gonna contain fat-talk, real-talk, weight-loss talk….everything. So if you think any of this may be a trigger to you then proceed with caution. I’ll put it all under a cut ❤️

I hope you’re all having a great week and have a great weekend.

This blog is dedicated to anyone (male or female and anyone in-between or outside those binaries) who has to fight the urge to hate themselves whenever they see a friend or relative posting before & after pics and eluding to fat being ugly or less than… You’re all amazing and deserve to be happy at every size.

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My ED Struggle (E.D. Awareness week)

Never a truer word has been said than “you can’t tell if someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them.”  I am 21st and 6ft tall.  I have had an eating disorder since I was roughly 9 (yes, I said 9) when it was drummed into my already tiny frame by my equals and peers that I was overweight, I was getting pudgy, my thighs were fat and euuwww I had stretch marks too!!  (Heaven forbid…)

I was at my first primary school and I was in year 5.  I had started developing hips early but my breasts didn’t sprout till a few years later, because my hips had widened my thighs and stomach had got a little bigger.  To me at the time, this didn’t bother me,  I didn’t see the issue until the boys started to point it out to me and made it an issue. 

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