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Little update

Last night was the first night since I started my new meds that I didn’t dream.  Was kinda weird.

There’s still something in my room, and we’ve had a dog like shadow running around has well which is equally has weird as my lack of dreams.  I see my doctor this coming week so I can get more meds.

On a completely unrelated note; WELL DONE AUSTRIA!!! For those of you who have no fucking clue what I’m on about, I’m talking about Eurovision 2014 and for the life of me I cannot spell the name of the lady who won.

Anyway its 2.07am so I’m going to bed.

Shadow People

shadow person (also known as a shadow figureshadow being or black mass) is an alleged paranormal entity. It is believed by skeptics to be a type of hallucination where the subject perceives a patch of shadow in their peripheral vision to be a living, humanoid figure. However, paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis has expressed the belief that shadow people are malevolent supernatural entities.

that gets that out the way…. if you do not believe in the paranormal in any way then this is not the post for you.  however, if you are open minded to the possibility, no problems.

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