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Life updates and stuff!

So, it’s that time of year again where I sit, or lay, and reflect upon the last year of my life. Thing I’ve done wrong and learned lessons from, things that went incredibly right through nothing but luck (😂) and things that I wish had never happened.

So what am I thinking of? What sticks out? Read on and find out.

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June Update

Jesus christ I am terrible at this weekly blogging thing.  I am so fucking sorry.

A lot has happened over the last few weeks and there’s much of it I can’t talk about due to respecting my family’s wishes and keeping it off the net.  Let’s just say I’m gonna book another nervous break down (the last one was a few years ago) and I will sit in a corner crying, laughing and drinking and probably smoking as much as I fucking can.

Read on for more stuffs…

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Web design and Charity Fun Run!

OK so let me start off by saying this – web design meetings can be so much fun, especially when my new (toy) crossbow arrives and we get side tracked….

this was out web design meeting in full flow. @Fallen013 on Twitpic


if that doesn’t work click here (twitpic link opening in new window)

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