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Testing my Patience (Gran issues)


If a friend pisses you off or treats you like shit and you cut them off or put them in their place (when needed), nobody bats an eye at you…..

But as soon as you do it to a family member everyone loses their god damned fucking minds.

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The birth of a song… (Q&A with Monique)

Hello! It’s me!! I am Monique from Heart Riot Fire Dreams (HeartRiotFireDreams) I am answering some burning questions that you all need to have answered. Thanks Kat for letting me take over you blog!! Without further adu, here are my answers.

Q: what made you want to start your blog? I had another blog called The Book Mystress that is/was moderately successful, I review books there. This was a great outlet for me when I was going through a hard time in my life. When I started to heal and move on from the truama a little I found my self wanting to talk on things that were broarder then just the bookish community, I thought on the idea a lot and then this year I just thought, no time like the present and went for it.

Q: how would you describe your blog? I would describe my blog as some where to find a unique opinion on anything, I would hope for it to be personable, approachable and joyful for people.

Q: what/who was your inspiration for the look/feel of your blog? My blog is my personal reflections of the world, so I wanted it to reflect my personality, creative, quirky, kinda bold.

Q: what made you get into writing? I started writing when I was about 12, I can honestly remember the exact day to be honest. I have always been addicted to collection stationary and one day I just wrong one sentence, then another and another, 16 years and two published short stories later here we are.

Q: describe your writing style? Unique, emotional, personal.

Q: what is your favourite thing/style to write? I have three genre’s I tend to write, Paranormal Romance, fantasy and my fav, Realistic fiction.

Q: what is your favourite thing/style of writing you love to read? There’s a saying among Authors, ‘You are what you read’ so I tend to read the same as I write, Realistic fiction, Paranormal Romance and Fantasy.

Q: what is the cringiest fanfiction/story/blog you have ever seen? Why? I dont know to be honest, there are a lot of fanfiction blogs out there, and while some might annoy me by not putting paragraphs breaks in or may write a story that I dont particularly fancy/ We all have our own muses and I mean I know I have the worse spelling and grammar in the world, but we all write for our own reasons, we all want our own outcomes, who am I to judge? I’d honestly rather just encourage people to create and keep creating. I mean I look back on my writing now and I think some of it is written so badly, but the story-lines are there and they are strong, I can only give encouragement and know that they like me will get better if they apply them selves.

Q: how would you describe the other person? I admire the hell out of Kat, she’s herself, and she sticks the middle finger up to anybody who tries to challenge that. I think she is so strong minded and stands by her beliefs. I love that she’s my friend, I am elated to have people like Kat in my life.

Q: one piece of advice you would give to writers/bloggers just starting out? Be yourself. Dont be a sheep. Okay that’s two, but I’m a rule breaker and they go hand in hand. Seriously though, This is your chance to use your voice the way it sounds. Not the way other people hear it. Don’t do this to get people to like you, do this to get people to listen to you, you might not get 10000000000 views at first but if you are yourself and are true to your values and beliefs, they will come and they will listen to you 🙂

if you want to ask Kat or I a question hit us up in the comments, or on twitter by using the hashtag #heartvonblog or tweeting us @HeartRiotDreams or @KatVonHall
Ps: thanks Lauren for the kickass questions, you’re the best!
Note from Kat: if you head over to Monique’s blog you can see my answers too!

Outfit of the Month + ’16 resolution

I haven’t done an outfit of the day for a while because to be honest I haven’t felt comfortable showing a picture that hasn’t been edited and lit properly. Add to that the lack of make up and no wig…. it’s been a no go.

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So Fucking angry

The council got back to us. 

They will not ’re house us.  Our house is perfectly acceptable and adequate for our needs.   They literally don’t care that we will be homeless and simply say that we need to “Chase Michael” for what he needs to pay and if he won’t we have to miraculously find enough money to hire a solicitor because we can’t get legal aid as there is no proof Michael was ever abusive (even though he was).   We asked what coukd help is in getting a council house as there was no way any of that could happen and we have to find “evidence of our need”. Which means spending out more money on doctors notes and getting stuff from the iva and first plus loan and mortgage to prove we’re gonna be homeless which they won’t send out until we have about six weeks left to which council replied that it isn’t enough time to find us a place to live.  Also if we fear for our safety (which we do) we have to have police reports to help us (there are none as we can prove what he has done). 

Now excuse me while I get annoyed and I mean no disrespect….. I see 16 year old mother’s getting council houses all the time and i personally know of three immigrant familys who have been given houses in our area, fully furnished with rent paid for six months.  None of them speak english or work and are claiming everything they can get their hands on (and in the area it’s been in the newspapers that they’re capable of working and learning. They just refuse).

But a disabled woman and her legal carer can’t get any Fucking help!