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Problematic Fave & Their Fan-Base

I want to preface this blog post with some notes.

  • I won’t be naming names.  If you read this and know exactly who I’m referencing, I politely ask you don’t comment/tweet with their name.
  • I had receipts on my browser and now I have to re-find them because everything crashed and I had to restore the factory settings – as I find them again, I will add them.
  • When I refer to this person’s fandom; I mean it as a generalisation and not a “everyone in the fandom is like this!”  I have friends in the fandom and they’ve been great with explaining certain things and even greater and understanding the POV from others.
  • This YT-er’s fan base is quite young; MOSTLY early to mid teens.  This is important to remember.
  • I DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, believe that this YT-er is a paedophile. I AM NOT accusing them of that offence.

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Not Disabled Enough…?

I haven’t actually written about my disabilities and how they impact my day to day life for a while.  This isn’t because they haven’t been affecting me, but simply because when I’ve passed comments I’ve found that certain areas of the disabled community (and society…. I’ll get there) seem to think it’s a competition of some sort and that some people just aren’t “disabled enough”;  for what exactly I’m not 100% sure.

What I am sure about is that just because I don’t “look disabled” doesn’t mean my disability can be written off or ignored & invalidated and when I say the words “I am disabled”, I shouldn’t have to prove it to anyone.

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My ED Struggle (E.D. Awareness week)

Never a truer word has been said than “you can’t tell if someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them.”  I am 21st and 6ft tall.  I have had an eating disorder since I was roughly 9 (yes, I said 9) when it was drummed into my already tiny frame by my equals and peers that I was overweight, I was getting pudgy, my thighs were fat and euuwww I had stretch marks too!!  (Heaven forbid…)

I was at my first primary school and I was in year 5.  I had started developing hips early but my breasts didn’t sprout till a few years later, because my hips had widened my thighs and stomach had got a little bigger.  To me at the time, this didn’t bother me,  I didn’t see the issue until the boys started to point it out to me and made it an issue. 

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