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No Pull Piercing – update


Im sorry it’s not a better pic.

I think its over two weeks now. 

I still have a little hypertrophic scarring but considering i unceremoniously shoved the bar back in after it fell out in my sleep, I’m not surprised.

Much less painful, the scarring IS going down and as you can see, much less noticeable. 

Just in case you don’t know, NoPullPiercing.com now do custom disks up to a 00ga so there’s no excuse to have to put up with H.S.

These disks work. It isn’t an over night type thing, however i did notice significant changes within only a week.  They’re affordable and completely safe yo autoclave as they’re silicone.

No Pull Piercing – Day 6

Holy crap i didn’t realise i was up to day 6!!

So i had a blip a couple of days ago. The damned jewellery fell out in the night.  However, NO PIERCING GIVES UP ON ME! I’m the one who decides when or if it’s time to retire a piercing.

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No Pull Piercing Disks – Day 1&2

Something that most people with piercings have experienced is hypertrophic scarring….. And anyone who has had it will know just how much of a bitch it is to get rid of.

I was RT on twitter a while back when i posted a picture of my healing high snug – snug piercings are a bitch themselves, to heal.  The first one i had took me about two years to heal fully and the problems i had during that time… Just. Damn.

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Coconut Oil + Sex

Ok so its taken me quite a while to jump on the coconut train but now I have… I don’t think my life will ever be the same.

I think it could, in the long run, stop world wars…. Ok maybe not ….

Read on if you like, just know that its gonna get into sex stuff.

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Garnier Olia “internse red” review

Was quite excited to try this out bit I’m really annoyed at the outcome.

It went on bright red:


And this gave me high hopes. But the pretty smell and bright dye colour is a let down….. Baring in mind this came highly recommended and went on over bleached hair and bright pink sections.

The outcome is a dark rusty Brown….. There’s nothing intense or red about it!


I’m very disappointed by this to be honest and the price of over £5 isn’t exactly cheap. I was expecting so much more.

Pat McManus Review

Live at Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge.
16th October 2014.
No support act (not needed with these guys).


Well this is the second time i’ve seen Pat and i think they got better! is that even possible?

A little history for you before my review.

Pat McManus was originally in Mama’s Boys with John McManus (1978 – 1993), Tommy McManus (1978-1993) (B: 1966. D: 1994), Rick Chase, Keith Murrell, Mike Wilson (1990-1992), Alan Williams  (1989 – 1993) and Jimmy DeGrasso (1985-1986). The band was an 80’s hard rock/heavy metal band from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.  The band was originally the three McManus brothers and then grew to a four piece adding Rick (Chase) on vocals in 1985 who was then replaced by Keith Murrell in 1987  due to Rick’s ill health.  Keith was replaced by Mike in 1989.

Pat now has his own band with Marty McDermot (Bass) and Paul Faloon (Drums) called The Pat McManus Band.

You can read more about Mama’s Boys here.

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James Byron (The Voice UK 2014) Review


It was lovely to catch up with James, its been a long time since I’ve seen him to chat too or watch live and I cannot wait to catch up with him again…. if I can get my flash working I may even try and set up a photo shoot 😀

On to the review….

(OH almost forgot!! James was supporting Mark Gardner (hope I’ve spelt that right) at Mama Lizs Voodoo Lounge on 31st July 2014 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK.  Shout out to Michael who runs the Voodoo Lounge and does a damned good job of it!)

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June 21st 2014 GIG REVIEW


i am ridiculously sorry for not being able to upload pictures and videos from the gig.  if you keep up with my twitter you’ll know i still have major laptop issues and how i even managed to get it to boot up but here we are.  click after the break to read the review of the gig!  

again im sorry to all bands for how late this is and i didnt get many GREAT pictures because i’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with the flash on my camera.

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