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Problematic Fave & Their Fan-Base

I want to preface this blog post with some notes.

  • I won’t be naming names.  If you read this and know exactly who I’m referencing, I politely ask you don’t comment/tweet with their name.
  • I had receipts on my browser and now I have to re-find them because everything crashed and I had to restore the factory settings – as I find them again, I will add them.
  • When I refer to this person’s fandom; I mean it as a generalisation and not a “everyone in the fandom is like this!”  I have friends in the fandom and they’ve been great with explaining certain things and even greater and understanding the POV from others.
  • This YT-er’s fan base is quite young; MOSTLY early to mid teens.  This is important to remember.
  • I DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, believe that this YT-er is a paedophile. I AM NOT accusing them of that offence.

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[Biological Father] Are You Out There…?

While I’ve been sitting here pondering my life and events over the past 12-14 months, I’ve been talking a lot with mum about finding my biological father.

I have questions about health related stuff but also I wanna know if I have any half siblings? Has he ever tried to find me? Has he even thought about me?  I guess I just wanna get to know the other part of me and who I am.  

Is it too much to ask? 

So before I start with SSAFA and the Salvation Army, I wanna try with the power of social media.  

Mum has given me all the info she has on him and here it is.

Dale Martin Parke.  White male, South African, 6ft +, blonde hair, blue or light eyes, he was a biker at the time in summer ish of 1985, he wears glasses and at the time he had a missing front left tooth due to a snapped crown.  

When he got with my mum (Whose last name then, was Brockbank) he was an Armourer in transit between RAF Wittering and, mum thinks, RAF Scampton or around that immediate area.

He would now be mid fifties, I have no clue if he went home to South Africa or elsewhere or stayed in the UK.  I don’t know if he married or has children.

He and mum got together at a barbecue in the summer (ish) of 1985 after dating for a while.  

I just want to know my father and any siblings I may have. 

I would really appreciate a RT or a share or ANYTHING to help me find him. If you have information about him, if something rings a bell…..or hell, if Dale, you’re reading this email me at KatVonHallBlog@Gmail.com 

Thank you.


I’m still raising funds for a wheelchair, as the weather gets colder, it’s harder for me to walk any distance.  I just want to keep my independence. Use THIS LINK to help out.  Thank you.