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The time has come…. And I hate that so much.  I at least out did the doctor’s original estimate which was wheelchair before 30.

I’ve now got to the point where walking into town or going to Peterborough is almost out the question because I’m in constant pain.

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strong language contained in this blog

an awful lot has been happening over the last 7 days and it’s probably best to start from the beginning.

(life and medical update – this is a LONG one!)

A week ago yesterday (30th August) the person whom i have called my father for my entire life admitted (when faced with evidence) that he had in fact been conducting an affair with a woman who was supposed to be my mum’s best friend, for the last TWO YEARS.

I refuse to change any names so i will use their real names cuz they aren’t innocent and so fuck that; i’m not protecting them.

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