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Blood Means Nothing

I will preface this with a CW.

There’s a lot of pent-up anger directed at two family members in this post.

Like… A lot; bordering on rage.

So the entire thing will go behind a cut.

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Week away + eventful day

Sooooo i spent the last few days with my lovely lady Vicky, we had a really relaxed time. Lots of laughs and gaming with Minecraft pocket edition. Movies. YouTube. Snuggles. Perfect. We even peopled on Tuesday so i rewarded us with McDonald’s.

I got home on Friday; the journey, although seated, was hot and sticky and Euch. 

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That time….. (opening up)

To talk about stuff that nobody likes to talk about.

Along with fibromyalgia, one of the issues is IBBS. irritable bowel and bladder syndrome. Even the smallest amount of stress can set it off and I’ve not exactly been having a good time recently. I’m gonna open up and be frank, because if I didn’t then there would be no point to this blog and I would simply be lying to everyone.

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Doctor, Doctor Please….

i saw the doctor this morning, my GP.  she’s lovely.

told her what i could remember about what happens to me and she is concerned.  doesn’t know exactly whats going on but she upped my meds (Pizotifen) again, which confuses me cuz i thought i was already on the highest dose.

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