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Problematic Fave & Their Fan-Base

I want to preface this blog post with some notes.

  • I won’t be naming names.  If you read this and know exactly who I’m referencing, I politely ask you don’t comment/tweet with their name.
  • I had receipts on my browser and now I have to re-find them because everything crashed and I had to restore the factory settings – as I find them again, I will add them.
  • When I refer to this person’s fandom; I mean it as a generalisation and not a “everyone in the fandom is like this!”  I have friends in the fandom and they’ve been great with explaining certain things and even greater and understanding the POV from others.
  • This YT-er’s fan base is quite young; MOSTLY early to mid teens.  This is important to remember.
  • I DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, believe that this YT-er is a paedophile. I AM NOT accusing them of that offence.

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Does Preference = Transphobia? #LGBTQ

Bear with me on this – I came across a series of tweets today, admittedly not the whole conversation because my twitter app wouldn’t load the whole thing.  However I did put in my two cents on what I had read.  It’s kinda opened up a whole door now where I myself and also a lesbian YouTuber called Arielle Scarcella are being called transphobic.

Three ish months back Arielle teamed up with Jaclyn Glenn for a video titled “only two genders”.

This will be a long one…. get a cuppa.

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